Air 2 Trial – Finding the Truth About Asthma

Nancy Robinson / April 19, 2006

If you or someone you know has asthma
please call 866-400-AIR2 for more information.

Asthma affects more than your health. It affects how you live your life. That’s why it’s important to know about all your options, including participation in medical research studies.

If you have asthma, are between 18 and 65 years of age, are a non-smoker, and take medication daily to control your asthma, you may be eligible to participate in a medical research study of the safety and effectiveness of an investigational non-drug outpatient procedure for the treatment of moderate to severe asthma.

Call 866-400-AIR2 for more information or to see if you qualify for the study.

Go to www.ClinicalTrials.Gov to find a trial site near you and to learn more details about the AIR2 Trial, sponsored by Asthmatx, Inc.